Our Company

Omega Logistics Australasia is an exclusive managed transport and logistics service provider.

"Our business principles and ethics are the foundation of our culture of client service. Our mission is to give you the best in transport logistics."

Our commitment to the establishment is the finest and remains unrivalled. At Omega Logistics we correlate with clients and envisage their business objectives and expectations, quintessentially we cultivate a supreme effort to achieve and deliver “World Class Logistics.”

Omega Logistics has earned and maintained an unyielding reputation by consistently providing a profusion of integrated transport solutions implemented with refined attributes and cutting edge technology. We are dedicated to emerging and upholding long term associations with our clients and consider client amalgamation as a significant and influential business partnership.

The company’s ambition is to surpass the prospect of the client by proposing exceptional customer service, increased flexibility and provide an improved expenditure assessment therefore enhancing system functionality and advanced operational productivity. Our capability to devise sustainable state of the art logistics and to facilitate them with prominent technology has reinforced Omega Logistics success and continued progression.

Our aptitude to blueprint and employ effectual avant-garde logistics within the industry is an antidote for clients seeking excellence in logistics management. Our accomplished personnel are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise thereby ensuring clients receive the finest professional assistance fused with a zenith level of service.

At Omega Logistics, we are continually expanding our knowledge and services by assisting clients to devise systematic supply chain and logistics procedures. Superb functional and technical expertise together with our extensive industry knowledge marks Omega Logistics as the select choice to advance and revolutionise the application of your business and warehouse management dexterity.

Accordingly, clients who opt for Omega Logistics are pursuing more than a transport carrier they are in fact in quest of a partner, one who affords distinction and indisputable excellence. Omega Logistics luxuriates in welcoming you to our vast industry of National and International certified logistics advisory.