Same Day

Why use Same Day Services?

Whatever your reasons, if you have a need for Same Day delivery we at Omega Logistics will do our best to help you get it there!
Same Day Service are extremely effective for businesses or situations where:
–          your inter-state business/outlet run out of stock and you wish for them to receive something almost immediately;

-          if you have a sick relative in the hospital and you wish for them to receive something almost immediately;

-          last minute gift for someone for a special celebration (birthday, anniversary, etc);

-          if you need a particular document to be signed or you need to send something right away so that you do not miss a deadline (that you can’t send via email, etc).

-          if you own a business and your customer needs a product urgently, and you have the ability to cater to their needs.

Same Day Services delivery usually cost more due to the priority attention.

Omega Logistics will do the comparative rate and help you find the best same day services for your shipping costs.

Choosing the Right Same Day Shipping Service

There are numerous freight companies offering Same Day for delivery all over Australia, picking the right service provider can be a headache. Timing is the key to booking Same Day Deliveries which requires fast real time shipping quotes and easy processes for booking. This is where we recommend you use Omega Logistics, we are a “on stop” solution to your freight problem. Leave it to us and we will get your item to where it needs to go quickly.

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